September 15, 2015

Going Out of Business After 45 Years - What a Great Time We've Had!

With mixed emotions we're announcing our store closing at Inspiring Interiors by Barton's.  We've loved serving Sudbury and all the surrounding communities for over 45 years.
Over the decades we've furnished beautiful homes & spaces in our community and much further away; our clients have come from far and wide and many different walks of life - and we appreciate you all.  Without your following & return to our showroom over the years, 45 years would never have been possible. 

We want to express a big and heartfelt THANK-YOU to all of our friends and clients, and to do that the best way that we know how is to have an extraordinary store closing sale event! 

If you're one of our preferred clients who have been invited to our President's Sales over the years, or if you'd like to access a private invitation you can download one here DOWNLOAD INVITATION 

Our private 2-day sale kicks of Wednesday Sept 16 and runs also on Thursday Sept 17, you must show invitation at the door.

Our showroom is open to the general public beginning Friday September 18.

Visit us soon and visit us often over the next coming days & weeks.  We are having the biggest and best sale for miles and miles around during our store closing event.

Thanks to you and we look forward to serving you again, once again (or more times) if you can find the right pieces during our close out sale! 

March 26, 2015

Choosing Your Favourite Chair

Most people have a favourite chair – one that lets them watch TV, read and use their laptop comfortably sometimes for hours at a time. So it’s important when choosing a new favourite chair that you not only look at it from an aesthetic point of view but also from how comfortable you are in it.

Chairs with armrests are more relaxing that chairs without. If you are planning to use the chair every day then look for one with arm rests. It's important to make sure that your elbows and forearms rest comfortably on the arm rests. If the armrests are too high your shoulders will be pushed up which will give you a stiff neck and shoulders. If they are too low your elbows will not rest on the armrest naturally and you will assume a round shouldered position.

Look for a comfortable seat. A good chair will be soft but offer support. If you sink into it too much you will struggle to get out of it. If the seat is too hard it will be uncomfortable even after short periods of time. The construction of the chair is the main factor that determines comfort. It's important to know what type of frame, seat support and filling is used because a chair may look good but if it was manufactured with inferior materials it won't be comfortable and won’t look good for long. At Inspiring Interiors we know how every piece of furniture is manufactured.

Most chair seats are about 18 inches off the ground but there are some that are higher or lower and custom heights are available. When you are seated your thighs should be perpendicular to the ground. When the seat height is too low and your knees are higher than your hips when seated your lower back will be affected.

Seat depths are also important. If the seat depth is too long it will put pressure on the backs of your knees at the edge of cushion which can cause swelling and pain in the lower part of your legs.
The height of the back of the chair is important because its main purpose is to offer you natural back support. If you read or watch TV from the chair neck support is also important so look for a higher back which will be more comfortable if you plan on spending a lot of time lounging in your chair.

Seat depths are also important. If the seat depth is too long for your body height either your legs will dangle off the floor or your back will lose support. A shallow depth is perfect if you aren’t tall or if you have a problem with your knees.

Inspiring Interiors by Bartons has an unparalleled selection of comfortable chairs in different styles, colours and textures to suit any room in your home. We encourage you to visit and try out all the chairs we have in our showroom until your find one that fits. We can ensure that your new chair will become your favourite as soon as you bring it into your home.

January 29, 2015

We Get Top Grades for Our Leather Furniture

Choosing leather furniture can be a real gamble especially for those of us who think all leather is the same. There are however a lot of differences that will affect the price, durability and beauty of the leather furniture you choose because it all depends on how the leather is graded.

Leather is graded according to the quality of the hide and amount of processing it requires. When purchasing leather furniture, it's important to know the grade of leather to discern whether the price is appropriate and how to care for and clean the piece.

The highest quality leather furniture falls under the full-grain category. Full grain leather is soft and malleable and it will have a stronger leather smell. The hides are dyed with a clear aniline dye so that the natural beauty of the animal can show through. Over time, the full grain leather will continue to age, change and will last you a lifetime.

Top-grain leather is not the highest grading for the hides used to make furniture but it is where good quality leather starts. It is called top-grain because it comes from the top ten percent of the cow hide. Top grain leathers have a grade system assigned to it. The more manipulation or corrections made to the hide the lesser the quality becomes. In short the less a hide is manipulated or corrected the more expensive it becomes and the longer it will last. While many consumers say they want the best leather on their furniture they don't like the uneven colouring that shows through on natural materials. A top coat is put onto the dyed hide to provide a smooth and uniform coloured surface. While top grains feel stiffer to the touch, they are just as durable.

Split hides are heavily treated once the hide has been tanned. The grain is sanded off and the hide is dyed. Split-grain leather comes from the innermost parts of the cow hide, unlike the top grain and full grain that are taken from the sturdy outer layers of the hide. Split grain still provides a sturdy material for furniture makers. Most often, when a product carries the label "genuine leather," it is made from split-leather pieces. Split hides are typically used on sides and backs of furniture to save on cost.

Bonded leather is sometimes recognizable by the patchwork look of the piece. The material is from the undersides and smaller areas of an animal. Excess pieces that aren't big enough to make a seat or cushion are stitched together mixed with other synthetic materials and then dyed. They are the bonded to a fabric backing. Most often, though, the pieces are fused together in a chemical process that makes them look like solid leather. Furniture made from bonded leather is the least durable of all the grades and offers consumers options that can be relatively inexpensive.

At Inspiring Interiors by Bartons we will take the time to show you what to look for when choosing leather furniture. We want to ensure that your choices will give you the lasting beauty you deserve for you home.

March 10, 2014

Renovation Sale 2014

Dear Valued Customer:

Inspiring Interiors needs a complete interior overhaul.  Unfortunately, we must close our doors for a period of time to make way for the renovations.  Therefore, all present and incoming stock must be completely eliniated.

Inspiring Interiors management has ordered extreme price cuts of up to 72% off on all leather and fabric sofas, bedrooms, occasional living room tables, mattress sets, recliners and much more!

View our full invitation on our website here for further details!

We are open Thursday March 13th at 10:00 a.m.   First come, first save so get here early!

January 13, 2014

Durham Furniture: Timeless Products from an Industry Trailblazer

Since 1899, Durham Furniture has been creating the best in solid wood furniture. Armoires, chests, dressers, beds, night stands, writing tables—you name the product, this company delivers a piece that’s a cut above the rest. Inspiring Interiors by Barton's is Sudbury and all of Northern Ontario's destination for furniture shoppers with discriminating tastes because we carry and display fine products like Durham Furniture. 

The company began as a way of providing jobs for young people in Durham, Ontario, Canada. Durham Furniture soon became much more than a small-town factory, with pieces featured in Buckingham Palace and royal properties across British. Although the products have received this international attention, the company still operates in its original site, serving families and businesses in North America. 

With Durham Furniture, it’s all about the small details that add up to a more durable, sophisticated product. Here are just a few of the qualities that make up the “Durham difference”:
 Drawers built with dovetails
 Hand-wiped stain
 Wood drawer guides for smooth and quiet operation
 Panel between drawers to keep the interior free from dust
 Protective finish that blocks liquids from damaging your furniture for up to 24 hours
 Felt-lined drawers on select dressers for jewelry and valuables
 Reinforced corners
 Mortise and tenon joins

Durham Furniture is also committed to obtaining materials in a sustainable and ethical way. Thousands of residences have been improved by these fine wood pieces. Do the same with your home.

November 18, 2013

We Are Sudbury's La-Z-Boy "Comfort Studio"

Why Your Home Needs La-Z-Boys Comfort Studio Furniture

When the name La-Z-Boy is mentioned, what do you think of? If an image of yourself napping in one of the most comfortable recliners known to man springs to mind, youre right on track.

Yes, La-Z-Boy makes great furniture. But did you know Comfort Studio furniture stores dedicate anywhere from 3,000 to 9,000 square feet of space to LaZBoy recliners, motion sofas (think of an entire sofa that acts like a recliner—ah, bliss!), sectionals, leather-upholstered furniture, and sleep sofas? 

That's right, at any given time we have at least 3,000 square feet of La-Z-Boy Furniture on display in Sudbury!  And it's more than just Dad's recliner; we've got it all. 

Sudbury La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio
Inspiring Interiors is Sudbury's Comfort Studio
Since 1927, La-Z-Boy has manufactured supremely comfortable, cushioned lounge chairs and recliners. In fact, most people interchange the generic name of recliner with La-Z-Boy, regardless if the recliner is actually made by La-Z-Boy.

This generalization is a big-mistake!  La-Z-Boy has been, and will be the leader in reclining furniture and comfort systems.  Many companies offer a reclining system, but none have the patented systems offered only by La-Z-Boy. 

Now La-Z-Boy is adding the Comfort Studio to the mix.

Comfort StudioFurniture for Family and Living Rooms

The Comfort Studio is a complete line of living and family room furniture with the famous La-Z-Boy comfort you love.  Inspiring Interiors is Sudbury's only, and one of Ontario's select Comfort Studio galleries, displaying their several thousand square foot gallery of products.

Comfort and quality are why you need this furniture in your home.

Butter-soft leather upholstery . . . tasteful brocades, heathery fabrics . . . durable craftsmanship that stands up to the rigors of modern living. And oh . . . comfort, comfort, comfort.

Need we say more?

Browse La-Z-Boy's complete selection on our website catalog here.

September 4, 2013

Bermex Furniture Gallery at Inspiring Interiors

Bermex is available at Inspiring Interiors in Sudbury, ON
Customizable Seating
For shoppers with discriminating tastes and a desire for a truly unique dining or kitchen table set, Bermex Furniture offers a product experience in our showroom that has complete customization to meet your specific decor goals Bermex Furniture is a leading manufacturer of personalized, select-grade solid birch dining room furniture, bistro tables and bar stools. 

By choosing Bermex, you are assured of quality craftsmanship and a superior finish on a high end Canadian-made product. With 5 styles to choose from: Contemporary, Transitional,  Traditional, American Country and French Country, Bermex allows you to stay true to your creative vision within your world.
You can choose from:
•More than 400 chair and bar stool models
•More than 80 table sizes (we also custom size to order)
•More than 143 different finishes and colors
•More than 190 fabrics and leathers

Choice of Legs&Pedestals
Bermex is Solid Birch 

All Bermex furniture is made of solid birch from North America. Only the best pieces of this wood−known for its exquisite beauty−are used.  Inspiring Interiors on Lasalle Boulevard in Sudbury caters to Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, Timmins, Blind River, Elliot Lake and all of Northern Ontario as a fully equipped gallery and  premier showroom of Bermex Furniture.

Reasons To Invest in Solid Hardwood, Bermex Furniture:
• Coming from North America, it is perfectly adapted to our climate
• Kiln-dried to 7% humidity to help prevent from any future warping
• Can be repaired and restored to its original beauty, compared to veneer

Choice of Color & Finish

If you are in the market for quality Canadian made solid wood furniture, taking the time to visit our gallery is well worthwile. Our service area includes the Greater city of Sudbury with a history of service to most of Northern Ontario including the surround areas of North Bay, the Soo, Timmins, Manitoulin Island, Little Current, Sturgeon Falls, Blind River & Elliot Lake.

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