March 26, 2015

Choosing Your Favourite Chair

Most people have a favourite chair – one that lets them watch TV, read and use their laptop comfortably sometimes for hours at a time. So it’s important when choosing a new favourite chair that you not only look at it from an aesthetic point of view but also from how comfortable you are in it.

Chairs with armrests are more relaxing that chairs without. If you are planning to use the chair every day then look for one with arm rests. It's important to make sure that your elbows and forearms rest comfortably on the arm rests. If the armrests are too high your shoulders will be pushed up which will give you a stiff neck and shoulders. If they are too low your elbows will not rest on the armrest naturally and you will assume a round shouldered position.

Look for a comfortable seat. A good chair will be soft but offer support. If you sink into it too much you will struggle to get out of it. If the seat is too hard it will be uncomfortable even after short periods of time. The construction of the chair is the main factor that determines comfort. It's important to know what type of frame, seat support and filling is used because a chair may look good but if it was manufactured with inferior materials it won't be comfortable and won’t look good for long. At Inspiring Interiors we know how every piece of furniture is manufactured.

Most chair seats are about 18 inches off the ground but there are some that are higher or lower and custom heights are available. When you are seated your thighs should be perpendicular to the ground. When the seat height is too low and your knees are higher than your hips when seated your lower back will be affected.

Seat depths are also important. If the seat depth is too long it will put pressure on the backs of your knees at the edge of cushion which can cause swelling and pain in the lower part of your legs.
The height of the back of the chair is important because its main purpose is to offer you natural back support. If you read or watch TV from the chair neck support is also important so look for a higher back which will be more comfortable if you plan on spending a lot of time lounging in your chair.

Seat depths are also important. If the seat depth is too long for your body height either your legs will dangle off the floor or your back will lose support. A shallow depth is perfect if you aren’t tall or if you have a problem with your knees.

Inspiring Interiors by Bartons has an unparalleled selection of comfortable chairs in different styles, colours and textures to suit any room in your home. We encourage you to visit and try out all the chairs we have in our showroom until your find one that fits. We can ensure that your new chair will become your favourite as soon as you bring it into your home.